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  • You are looking to do a photoshoot within the next 12 months
  • You are getting married within the next 24 months
  • You can’t sing well, but insist on doing it as loudly as possible while driving or in the shower
  • You know how valuable good photographs are!
  • You are open-minded and like to try new, creative things
  • You regard your pets as part of the family
  • You think you have impeccable taste in music.
  • Your idea of a party is Netflix, MSG laden snacks and a snuggle partner (human or pet)





About you

You are fun and relaxed. You like to binge watch shows in your pajamas on a Sunday and know the value of a good take-out food every once in a while. You are a bit quirky and have a natural tendency of doing things out-of-the-box. You have cats and or like cats and or dream about cats. You have seen a cat. You know what you like when it comes to photography and are looking for someone to represent you as a couple or a family, as opposed to just going through the standard photo to-do list. You are looking for a photographer who is professional, kind-hearted and knows how to take butt-kicking photos to boot!

The goal

I want to give you a photo that you can hang on your wall and make your guests wish that they were as cool as you. It’s all about documenting your life as you live it, so my photography style mixes a lot of natural shots with a bit of posing to tell the epic story of you and your loved ones. I want to give you an album that reads like a storybook, your storybook. I want to get to know YOUR crazy dreams, your fantasies and your just downright wackiness.

So basically, my style is all about you. This is your record through my lens let’s create it together!

If you love these… then we are meant for each other!

Some happy peeps

amsterdam wedding photographer photoshoot Jordaan wedding tips stress free_0003

Wow Nadine, these photos are amazing! Words cant describe how happy we are
with these 🙂 ! Big compliments to you! Thank you so much! – Menno & Wendy (&




amsterdam family shoot photoshoot photographer Amsterdam_0026


“We knew we would love your photos again. And it’s true!! We’re really proud of you. All your photos make us happy and confident. Now I’m planning how can I display them in our place. We never forget the moments when we were in Amsterdam with you. We will keep them forever!! Thank you soooo much for giving us unforgettable memories and photos.I appreciate you.” The Matsukawa family




Zaandam fotograaf verlovingsshoot Bruynzeel fabriek Zaanstad Amsterdam photographer_0002


What we think:….euhm …..AMAZING, FANTASTIC, MAGICAL!! You are awesome!
Charlie & Irmgard