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Hey! My name is Nadine and I take pictures of happy, awkward, funny, creative, sexy, quirky, and most of all, beautiful, people around the world. I live with my boyfriend and two fluffy cats in The Netherlands, but my bag is always packed for adventures where a phrase book is required (or a floppy hat).



  • I have two homes: One in South Africa and one in The Netherlands
  • If Hogwarts existed, I’d be a Hufflepuff
  • Whenever I do a good job with parallel parking, I say “Like a glove!” as loud as I can
  • I have a pretty good singing voice, when it’s drowned out by the speakers in my car.
  • Cats don’t know it yet, but I’m their best friend
  • I am a firm believer that when I sleep with one leg off the mattress, something will come and chew it off in the night.
  • The only times you will see me running, is either for a good photo, or if I’m being chased by zombies. No exceptions.
  • My Dutch boyfriend, Stefan, is the only person I ever moved to another country for.
  • My parents are my biggest fans.



I believe that every single person is beautiful in their own way, and bringing that out in photos is what gives me the most joy in photography. I’ve always had an insatiable creative itch and a desire to make people feel good about themselves, even if they feel insecure and shy (which is how I felt most of my life). I am an introvert and spent most of my angsty teenage years daydreaming about being the next vampire slayer or happily married to Dean Winchester from Supernatural (ok, ok I still dream about marrying Dean Winchester).

Here are some personal posts I loved writing!

I hope that some of the photos here on my website inspire you to do a photoshoot, even if you feel that you might not be good enough, or pretty enough, or thin enough. I want to motivate you to be your truest, most authentic self and actually be proud of who you are! Let’s create something magical and memorable together!

Snap Me Pretty, Amsterdam photographer_0008