The cost breakdown

Included in all my wedding packages are:

40-60 photos per hour of shooting
an online gallery with the selection of your photos
Travel costs and 21% VAT

What's also included in the packages (but never gets mentioned)
+- 40 minutes of reading through, writing, re-writing and sending emails
+- 60 minutes of preparing for the your wedding
+- 60 minutes (minimum) travelling time from Purmerend to anywhere
+- 200 minutes (minimum) of selecting the best photos
+- 120 minutes (minimum) of editing the selected photos
+- 40 minutes uploading and sorting the photos in the gallery
+- 15 minutes (intermitted) of checking my inbox, hoping to get an email of how much you love your photos.

On booking

I have never booked a wedding photographer! How does it all work?

Well, let me just say that I am thrilled to be your first!

So, without taking up too much space, this is how it works in steps:

1: You see my work and love the  feel of my photos
2: you email me!
3: I respond to your query (sometimes with a tad too much enthusiasm) with a price indication
4: We set up a non-committal meeting to see if we are a good fit for each other.
5: You say yes, and I do my happy dance!
6: I send you an invoice for a preliminary payment of eur 250,00 to secure your date.
7: If you want to do a pre-wedding shoot, we can start setting a date
8: You receive the final invoice about a month before the wedding
9: You get freaking married!
10: After your wedding I send you a sneak peek via facebook or my blog.
11: After 8 weeks, I send you a link to your online gallery with all your photos!

How do I know my booking is secure?

The only way your booking is secure, is if the preliminary invoice of  eur 250,- has been paid in full.

the wedding day

We are not photogenic. No seriously, camera's are not our friend

I love when people tell me this. No really, challenge accepted! It's only normal to hate photos of yourself after the thousandth bad group picture where you either have your eyes closed, a double chin, RBF (resting bitch face) or all of the above!

The thing is: I know stuff. Stuff that I have learnt over the past five years by ONLY photographing people like you. I know how to make you look and feel good during the shoot, and best of all, how to take a damn good photo of you.

How much will you pose us throughout the day?

I won't. Absolutely NOT! I like moments during the day to happen organically and without me interfering with the events. The only instances where I direct shots is when I'm photographing details or during the portrait session (and family photos).

Should we start practicing our Kim K. poses for the photoshoot part of the day?

Nope, absolutely not necessary. My skills set involves getting you in position (aka, setting up the perfect shot) and then getting you to a point that you're comfortable enough to relax and let the laughter flow. The ONLY way to ensure fun, spontaneous and emotional photos is to LET GO during the shoot. I know it can be hard at first, but if you carry your insecurities along with you, it will show up in the images.

the photoshoot

How will we decide on a location for the photoshoot and how much time do you need?

I like to do shoots in interesting and unique locations. Even though this isn't always possible, I will always ask you if there is a place that has sentimental value for you both. There's no such thing as a place being un-photogenic so please feel free to share any thoughts you have.

However, wedding schedules usually being as tight as they are I can recommend scouting the area within a 15 minute drive of the venue. Try to choose a location that would fit your personalities (for example, if you're not an outdoorsy type, taking photos in a field of flowers with bugs will not make you a happy camper).

For the shoot I usually reccommend 1 - 2 hours. This includes travel time to the location/s.

If you don't have anywhere specific in mind, I will always come up with a few interesting suggestions. Who knows, perhaps we will end up in an absolutely EPIC location!

What is the best time for the photoshoot?

Sunset shoot in the summer: 20:30 or 21:00

Sunset shoot in the winter: 14:00 or 15:00

Cloudy weather: between 11:00 and 12:00

What if it rains on our wedding day?

They say Chuck Norris won Idols with sign language. He can count to infinity, twice. And has a bear skin rug in his living room (not because it's dead, just because it's too afraid to move). Unfortunately, Chuck Norris can't change the weather and neither can you.

When rain is forecasted for your big day, don't worry about it! We will discuss closer to the date about a backup location for the photoshoot, or if you have a great venue, we can even use the location (with the up-side being that you will NEVER be late for your ceremony!). See-through umbrellas and rain boots make great added details to photos and besides, no day is perfect. It will be a true representation of your kick-ass wedding day!

After the wedding

How long do we have to wait until we receive our photos?

I handle a delivery time of minimum 8 weeks.

When it's a busy period (for example in June, July and August during wedding season), I will let you know in advance if the photos might take a bit longer.

Are there any hidden costs?


So what do we end up with?

You end up with the selection of the very best photos from your wedding day. Please note that you will be receiving the edited j-peg versions and not the original RAW files. It is my policy and stated in my T's & C's that I do not deliver any RAW files to clients.

The photos will be delivered to you through a very swanky online gallery in high resolution. This means that you can print and enlarge the photos yourself, and not feel pressured to order professional enlargements through me. You can access this gallery any time online, by going through the link provided via your mini album package and an email sent by me.