Engagement shoot in Amsterdam’s Westerpark


I was so excited to meet Dennis and Eva for their fun engagement shoot in Amsterdam’s Westerpark !
These cuties got married in August this year in the same park and??I was happy to be there to capture their special day.

I just love the way they responded to the camera and (literally) did everything I asked them to do, which is pretty much a photographers dream!
You migh think I’m crazy, but every time I think of this shoot, I picture??Eva as a beautiful Elf (seriously, won’t she just??look epic with a bow and arrow and sparkly elvin crown?), who falls in love??a knight who got lost in the forest.
When the knight sees this gorgeous elvin goddess, he couldn’t bring himself to leave without her and stayed to become her king.
Yes, I have a wild imagination, but who can blame me with such beautiful people to inspire me 🙂

It was an absolute pleasure getting to know this unique and loving couple and I can’t wait to share their big day with you! For now though, their lovely engagement shoot in Westerpark!


Nadine van der Wielen Photography_1103

Nadine van der Wielen Photography_1105

Nadine van der Wielen Photography_1106

Nadine van der Wielen Photography_1104

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