The first time I worked with Danijela, we went to one of my favorite shooting locations, the Hortus Botanicus in Amsterdam for some portraits for her website. It's safe to say that she was absolutely incredible in her shoot, and I had such a fun time working with her.

A year later, I had her in front of my lens again! This time for her new website Soul and Space, which is all about feng shui and spacehealing. 

This time we decided to go out into nature, as her work is all about bringing the power of nature into your home, and aligning it with your needs. 

Amsterdam's Westerpark is absolutely perfect for this, as it has some gorgeous red-brick buildings, but also a semi-wild nature park with overgrown ruins and lakes.

And don't get me started on that early morning light! I really think it's worth getting up at 6 to get this dazzling atmosphere! 

Thank you Danijela for once again trusting me with your website, which turned out amazing! I can't wait to see which adventure we go on next! 

“Thank you so much, the pictures are great! Really, really breathtaking. I love them and I can’t stop looking at them!”

- Danijela Saponjic, Munich