Amsterdam wedding photographer photoshoot bride and groom-03Holy shit you’re getting married!?

Can you believe it though? Pretty soon you will be putting on your dress or tux, saying “I do” to your best friend, surrounded by ALL the people you love most in the world. And if all goes well you’ll watch your drunk relatives and best friends make absolute fools of themselves on the dance floor (with you by their side, obviously).

The best way you can remember this beautiful celebration of your love is, of course, through photos.


I love colour, belly laughs and quirky moments. You will see a lot of this in your photos…A lot.

I focus on light and interesting compositions to help tell the story of the moment. I have an obsession with symmetry and I’m pretty sure Wes Anderson would be proud. I shoot for you (not my swanky portfolio) and I want to leave you with wedding photos you’d literally want to hug the crap out of!

My style is creative, fun, eclectic and documentary. I pinky promise to never make you do corny wedding poses.

Wedding invesments start at EUR 1.075

for 3 hours photography and a beautiful 25x25cm album with 20 pages


Amsterdam wedding photographer album-20The investment

No pressure, but choosing your photographer will probably be one of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding. Photographers come in all shapes and sizes and finding the perfect match can be like finding the ultimate pair of jeans. They have to make your butt look good.

It’s not just investing digital files either. I mean, what are you going to do with 500+ digital images of your wedding day 10 years down the line? Keep them all on a beautiful hard drive to look at on your super romantic cyborg smart computer? Psh.

I love albums and think everybody on this planet should have at least one. Not the one you order on the internet after every vacation. No. A real, beautiful, stunning, larger than life, amazing quality, hair-sharp, freaking incredible album!

Oh and it just so happend that these are included in the price. Sweet!



Hurray! Let’s go have a beer and talk about your awesome wedding! Plan your beer-venture here:

I travel a lot during the year and also photograph weddings in Europe, United States and South Africa! Just drop me a line if you’re interested in working with me abroad! Especially if you’re in the Bahamas or something. Hawaii’s even better

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