HOLY SHIT YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED! No pressure, but choosing your photographer will probably be one of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding. Photographers come in all shapes and sizes and finding the perfect match can be like finding the ultimate pair of jeans. They have to make your butt look good.

After 5 years of photography I got the butt thing pretty much down. Yours will look good in the photos. I promise! Apart from butts, I also love capturing the intimate connections and spontaneous moments of the day. This also means that I document your wedding as it happens, and will never ask you to do something twice. That's just not cool! 


My photography is capturing your reaction to your environment, whether it's seeing each other for the first time in your (actual grown-up) wedding outfits, a heartfelt ceremony, or your awkward / awesome first dance.  I focus on connections rather than details, and will always include photos with big laughs, bursts of color and genuine moments.


Actually, you don't! You probably just haven't found the right photographer :) Don't worry, 90% of the people I work with tell me that they've never had a good picture in their life. But so far, they've all LOVED their photos! The key is to a) trust me that I won't include any unflattering photos and b) enjoy the day as much as humanly possible! Only then can I work my magic :)

If you're interested in having me at your wedding, just fill in this form to check if I'm still available on your wedding day. I only photograph 6 (yes SIX!) amazingly unique, colorful and heartwarming weddings a year, so please reach out as soon as you can. 

I'm not the most expensive wedding photographer, but I'm also not the cheapest. I will send you a detailed pricing document which also explains my working method and approach to weddings :)

I can't wait to hear from you! 


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