No pressure, but choosing your photographer will probably be one of the biggest decisions you will make about your wedding. Photographers come in all shapes and sizes and finding the perfect match can be like finding the ultimate pair of jeans. They have to make your butt look good.

After 5 years of photography I got the butt thing pretty much down. Yours will look good in the photos. I promise! Apart from butts, I also love capturing the emotions and happenings of the day. I specialize in documenting moments as they happen, and will never ask you to do something twice. That's just not cool! 

If you’re into fun, colorful and authentic photography, then you’re in the right place. I live for spontaneous moments, real smiles and genuine reactions. 

Also cake

My Approach

My photography is capturing your reaction to your environment, whether it's seeing each other for the first time in your (actual grown-up) wedding outfits, a heartfelt ceremony, or your awkward / awesome first dance.  I focus more on connections rather than details, and will always include photos with big laughs, bursts of color and genuine moments.

What’s included?

You book a minimum of 6 hours for € 1.400 and for every hour I stay longer, we just add € 150. Simple as that! Included is also 250 digital edited images presented in a gorgeous, shareable digital gallery. I also offer albums and will definately let you get all touchy feely with them during our first meeting!

We suck at photos…

And that's TOTALLY FINE. It's also one of the reasons you're looking into a professional photographer...right? Don't worry, 90% of the people I work with tell me that they've never had a good picture in their life. Yet so far, they've all LOVED their photos :)

Check if your date is still availaible

Weddings bucketlist

Oh man, I have so many wishes for amazing weddings, but I just need to find the right people to do it with. Will you be doing / having any of the following at your wedding? Then drop me a line and we can talk about a big, fat discount for your photos!

  • Carnival themed wedding - or just shitloads of color
  • Camping wedding
  • Wedding in a museum
  • A rooftop wedding
  • A wedding in Italy
  • Short, colorful wedding dress
  • A theme, like Harry Potter
  • Including your pet in the wedding