I had so many creative adventures in South Africa. And I suppose if one is to have many creative adventures, South Africa would be a good place to have them.

When I was there, I kind of became obsessed with doing an African shoot. I already had a gorgeous traditional bride in front of my lens. But what about just toning it down a bit for a shoot? Enter Beverly. Old school-friend and model extraordinaire!

I asked her to dress in her most colourful African clothes and holy shit did she deliver! 

This shoot basically had everything I ever dreamed of having: lot’s of color, sunshine and a subject who was literally willing to risk her life for a good photo (by lying in the middle of the road… thanks Bev!).

I think it’s important to do more shoots celebrating different kinds of culture. I really want to push myself to make images of normal people being extra-ordinary. In my opinion, that’s the extreme power we hold as photographers.

Good gracious Nadine…I’ve been staring at the photos for the past hour…I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at myself the same way again. It’s SO beautiful…so natural. I’m so thankful!

- Beverley, Pretoria, South Africa