Let's just get 2 facts out of the way: no, you're NOT TOO FAT for a photoshoot, and yes, YOU can have amazing photos (even if your entire life has 'proven' the contrary). I've photographed literally thousands of people, and I can safely say that these 2 facts are true for every single one of them. 

But ok, photos aside, aren't photoshoots super uncomfortable and cringe-worthy? Like, even the word itself brings up images of a topless Fabio in front of a wind machine, communicating solely through his Fabio eyes that he wants you, and only you...

Mehp, wrong again! Photoshoots, with me anyways, are not awkward in any way, shape or form. We go for a walk, I trip once or twice, we all laugh, I tell you how to stand and what to do with your hands, I take some photos of you in front of a sunset or whatever, and we might even go for a drink afterwards. It's super relaxed and casual, and you literally just have to show up. The rest is on me :)

If you’re into fun, colorful and authentic photography, then you’re in the right place. I love spontaneous moments, real smiles and genuine reactions. 

My Approach

My photography is capturing your reaction to your environment, whether it's with your partner or family, or with a group of your closest friends. I prefer moments over details, and will always include photos with big laughs, bursts of color and genuine moments.

What’s included?

A photoshoot with a couple, family or group less than 6 people starts at € 375. 

This includes 40 digitally edited photos in an online gallery, any location in Amsterdam and up to 1,5 hours of photography

We suck at photos…

And that's TOTALLY FINE. It's also one of the reasons you're looking into a professional photographer...right? Don't worry, 90% of the people I work with tell me that they've never had a good picture in their life. Yet so far, they've all LOVED their photos :)

Check if your date is still availaible

Photoshoot bucketlist

Oh man, I have so many ideas for amazing shoots, but I just need to find the right people to do it with. Do any of these awesome locations make you all giddy? Then drop me a line and we can talk about a big, fat discount for your shoot!

  •           Swimming Pool shoot
  •           Museum shoot
  •           Space observatory shoot
  •           Mountain shoot
  •           Shoot on a boat
  •           Shoot at your workplace (think factory, operating theatre, actual theatre, McDonalds)