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A photoshoot with me means big belly laughs, a couple of random nose snorts and a high chance of sore cheeks afterwards. This is just the beginning though. I can’t stress enough that a photoshoot isn’t just taking pictures. I mean, anyone can take a picture of you right? Heck, you can even do it yourself. Why do you need me?

Because a real photoshoot is a creative experience. It’s a constant back-and-forth of positive energy and making your personalities come to life. A photoshoot is you amplified, so let’s make it just as beautiful and as unique as you truly are!

This is why you will get a truly exclusive, one-of-a-kind, absolutely mind-blowing double exposure photo at the end of every session! A double exposure is two photos superimposed onto one another (like the photo on the right). It’s a freaking genius piece of art that you can hang in your home! HERE are more examples of awesome double expsosures.


I pinky promise that nothing about this experience will be awkward. Nothing.


Photoshoots are EUR 375

Including up to 1,5 hours of shooting and 40 digital photos


Amsterdam photographer photoshoot wall art afdrukken wanddecoratie-61Photography is a gift Frodo – use it well.

Let’s just discuss one of life’s basic truths: Photos were made to be printed. Can you image your great grandparents taking family portraits, only to leave them undeveloped as negatives in a box somewhere? It breaks my heart to think that today, beautiful digital photos made with so much love and care are only worth a mediocre Facebook album. Only to be looked at once a year. That’s probably the saddest thing I’ve thought of all day.

Sorry amigo’s, but that shit just won’t fly with me. I love prints! And I like to believe that every single person in the entire world has a printed photo that they wouldn’t part with for a million bucks.

That’s what I like to give you, the real gift of photography: a beautiful, long lasting, totally brag-worthy print to hang in your home!



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PS: Ik spreek ook Nederlands!

I travel a lot during the year and also do shoots in Europe and South Africa! Just drop me a line below if you’re interested in working with me abroad! Especially if you’re in the Bahamas or something. Hawaii’s even better.

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