The (Ultimate) Amsterdam Guide!

Beware, this post contains graphic images of travel porn. But more specifically, a healthy dose of “local photographer NOT including all the major sights in a corny way” porn, because let’s face it, that shit’s been done.

I’ve known Amsterdam longer than I’ve known my boyfriend (and that’s long, considering we’ve been together for 10 years). After all this time I still can’t pinpoint the magic that lures so many people to its cobbled streets. It can’t be the drugs, since most people who live in Amsterdam are just recreational marijuana users…or not at all. I think it might be the atmosphere. Ok, maybe, possibly, definitely the atmosphere. Compared to cities like New York, Paris and London, Amsterdam doesn’t even feel like a city at all. It just feels like a big ass town with a lot of angry cyclists. And that’s cool.

As with any picturesque city, there’s always the standard pretty shots shown in travel magaizines and blogs. I know, I know, there’s a totally legit reason for this, since the prettiest places are usually the most photogenic. I know. But, if you don’t know me already, you will after this: I don’t like doing the things most people are doing. Especially when it comes to photography! 

Amsterdam photographer photoshoot-31

I love Amsterdam’s total lack of giving two shits about being a typical, uptight European city. I’ve spent a lot of time at the heart of this eclectic capital and since I want you to love it the same way I do (because you obviously will) I have selected my absolute favorite local and totally awesome places to see!

That’s why, ladies en gents, I made a FREE Amsterdam guide! Because screw the travel guides (they’re paid to advertise anyways), and screw the photographer who wants to take you to the most photographed canal ever.

In this guide you will not only get to read about some of my favorite local places to hang out after a long day of walking, but also the one thing you absolutely HAVE to do when you’re in Amsterdam (which is totally under €10)! Not to mention, I’ve combed the city for unique, out of the way, really Amsterdammy (or not, if that’s your thing) locations to do photoshoots at. You’re absolutely welcome!


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