Even though Kath and Rich are from England, they decided to have their wedding right here in Amsterdam. A great decision, otherwise we never would have met! 

Their vision for their wedding was simple: Good food and a good time. Even though they paid attention to some of the details, they mostly let the day flow and left it to the professionals to guid them through it. My kind of wedding guys :)

Most of the wedding took place at the Pulitzer Hotel. They specifically chose this venue for its amazing location in the centre and if you don't mind me saying...the fucking good food! 

It was super easy to have the ceremony and dinner here, and we didn't have to venture far for the portraits either. 

When everybody was filled up on dinner, we went on a private boat cruise through the canals of Amsterdam. Since all their guests came from the UK, it was a joy to have them see Amsterdam from a different perspective. Also how they slowly but surely got ever-so-slightly drunk. 

My time with them ended at a private room in Escape, where the party from the boat carried on into the late hours. Perhaps a bit too late for some :P

Location: Hotel Pulitzer Dress: Coco + Kate Atelier  Tux: Richard James Officiant: Andréa Schipper Catering: Pulitzer Hotel

WOW!! It was such fun looking through these together on Sunday - and the montage was fantastic - such a lovely surprise. The photos are fantastic - there is not enough wall space in our flat to put up all the prints I want to! We are both very pleased with the results, Thank you!

- Kath and Rich, London