My photography is capturing your reaction to your environment, whether it's with your partner or family, or with a group of your closest friends. I prefer moments over details, and will always include photos with big laughs, bursts of color and genuine moments. It's super relaxed and casual, and you literally just have to show up. The rest is on me :)


Each photoshoot last up to 1,5 hours and includes 40 of the best photos from the session. The photos are retouched and given some of my special magic sauce (most of which lands on my shirt, because it's actually hotdog sauce and yes I'm always eating behind my desk). 

I believe in keeping it simple and giving you exactly what you need: A fun and non-awkward exprience, with warm, squishy and gorgeous photos as a result :)


I want to tell you that you are GOOD ENOUGH, BEAUTIFUL ENOUGH AND BITCHIN' ENOUGH to have your photo taken. Even if you don't feel like it right now. 

My goal is to have you love your photos and take one more step to accepting yourself for the gorgeous person you really are. Forget Instagram and all those "perfect" photos. YOU are enough to make your photos perfect in your own way.  


Once you've sent an inquiry, I'll get back to you as soon as possible with a pricing guide. If you're interested in booking, you will recieve a link to a confrimation form and payment options. 

When all the admin is done and dusted, we'll get into the location, time and what you can wear to the shoot. If you have no clue on any of this...never fear! I'm here to help :) I've been doing this a while and have good sense of what you're into :)

After the photoshoot, you will recieve a small sneak peek within a few days, and the rest of the photos within 3 weeks in an online gallery like this one 

If you're interested in booking me for a shoot, just fill in this form to check if I'm still available on your preferred day. I only do a limited amount of shoots in the weekends, so please contact me as soon as possible. 

I'm not the most expensive photographer, but I'm also not the cheapest. I will send you a detailed pricing document which also explains my working method and approach to photoshoots :)

I can't wait to hear from you!